Welcome to the Gen art rec list!

Please Note: Slowly this site is coming together! Currently the amazing art of over 40 artists is listed here, with more still to come! I'm in the process of fixing a few things, so if something still looks wonky, I'm slowly getting to it.

This site is maintained and edited by myself, Ani Bester. The aim of the site is to provide a resource for fans of Gen or those just looking for Gen. All the art here comes highly recommended, BUT the recs don't come from me. They come from the Harry Potter Fandom itself.

Once every few months a reccing entry is opened on my livejournal. Gen Art can then be recced there.

In order to make this list, at least four other people must second the recced art. If that happens, the art is then added to this rec list. So you can be sure the art here is pretty darn good!

9/3/06 - Added more art from the first reccing round

Reccing Is Currently: CLOSED! For my own sanity, I closed voting and reccing. That way I can make sure I get everythign from the first round up. Future reccing rounds will be announced here.

Thanks for helping out and taking a look!